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Many of these systems are available for purchase and rental.  Feel free to contact us for recommendations for your specific job, full literature on all trackers or for pricing.


Pig pingers or transmitters are used to track a pig.  There are many options for the receivers depending on the job and the amount of pigs being tracked. These transmitters are inserted into the pig and vary depending on pig size and the length of run.


Rentals and purchases available. Ask about multipule wand discount packages to leap frog during the tracking process.


We offer many different intrusive and non-instrusive pig signals. Non-intrusive pig signals are available for rent. These are used to locate a pig that is going through a trouble area.  Since these are stationary devices, they can detect a passage of a pig but not a stuck pig.


Geophones are a good device to track a moving pig.  The geophone detects surface vibrations, made by the pig hitting welds and the pipe walls, and presents an audible and visual signal for the pig tracker. Since it works off of vibrations, the geophone is not a viable option to find a stuck pig.


Geophones are available for rental and purchase.

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