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An electromagnetic transmitter system, which is attached to, embedded in, or travels with the pipeline pig, includes a receiver/wand that will pick up the signal from their transmitters at a distance allowing for significant ground cover.


This signal is a low frequency signal that operates in the magnetic range of the electromagnetic spectrum, which allows the signal to penetrate the steel pipe wall to transmit a given distance through the ground.


These transmitters are sized based on the pipe size and the distance/time the run will take.


CDI has the largest family of pipeline pig location and tracking transmitters in the industry. Our Transmitters operate by emitting electromagnetic fields at a very low frequency (between 15 and 30Hz).


This makes CDI's pig tracking transmitters safe and reliable for use in any onshore or offshore environment and any pipeline product (water, oil, gas, ammonia, carbon dioxide, etc.).


Several models have the ability to sit dormant until activated by a pre configured pressure through the use of pressure switches.


Four different sizes of transmitters are available for use in small and large pipelines. These transmitters vary in battery life as well as power of their output signal.


Portable wand based systems are utilized to walk a pipeline to precisely locate a stuck pig. These systems allow for visual and audible indication of pig location.


Pig tracking sensors are utilized to indicate the passage of a pig past a given point in the line. This system can be linked to a SCADA package or simply used to provide an easy to see visual indication.


WaveTrak Pig Tracking Equipment is used for tracking pigs while running through land based pipelines. The Transmitter mounted inside or at the rear of a pig emits an electromagnetic signal that is picked up by the receiver.


Our NEW line of Transmitters are comparable to the size and strength of other Pipeline Transmitters available in the market today.


 -Available in three sizes, with battery life ranging from 100 hours to 1000 hours

- Buy for the price you would rent
- Packs 3x or more run time than other units.
- Lower financial liability of damaging transmitter.
- Eliminate rental cost
- Brand new Pipeline Transmitter every time.

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