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Western Instruments' line of Corrosion Pit Depth Gauges was introduced in the early 1990s, resulting from our involvement with Pipelines and Pressure Equipment. The success of the Pit Gauge Product Series is based on our exclusive line-up of custom designed and manufactured Push to Read Dial Indicators, which are completely interchangeable between all models of our Pit Gauge Blades. Our Dial Indicators were developed specifically for Corrosion Depth measurement, to permit Scanning through areas of corrosion.


The Pit Gauge Product Series is the only complete line of Pit Gauges in the World as it is the Standard by which others follow. Whether it is Changing a Battery or one of our numerous Contact Points, to adding an Extension, our Web Site has you covered.


Our Pit Gauges are not limited to Dial Indicators or Bridging Bars, as we also offer two models of Lever Type Gauges or what we like to call the "Thorpe Busters". Our Pit Gauges are not just offered as individual models, but are also packaged as Pipeliners Kits to suit general industry needs.


Western Instruments Dial Pit Gauges utilize our unique Push to Read Dial Indicators, which allow operators to Scan through areas of corrosion (pitting).  This feature also allows the deepest area of a pit to be quickly identified and measured. 


Western offers 3 different Models of Dial Indicators, that are fully interchangeable between all of our Pit Gauge Blades, and offered as follows:

  • Imperial Dial Indicator

  • Metric Dial Indictor

  • Digital Indicator


Western offers a variety of Contact Points, for the Pit Gauge Product Series, which are all 0.625” (16mm) long.  Any ADG Contact point can be used with our special dial indicators, but a different length may affect Height Zeroing of the Pit Gauge, or the vertical position of the Dial Indicator within a Pit Gauge Blade.  Contact Points are easily replaced, by extending the Dial Indicator, to the maximum depth position, and  turning the Contact Point counter clockwise, to unscrew it. 


Western Instruments Dial Pit Gauges allow the Corrosion Inspector to conveniently measure Pit Depth or material loss in areas of Weight-Loss Corrosion. 


Various types are available for different applications, including the magnetic hold downs, reaching gauges and reversable blades for concave areas.


The Tri-Gauge® is today’s most versatile Lever Pit Gauge, with its Metric and dual Imperial Scales.  Additionally, the Tri-Gauge® serves as a basic Weld Inspection Gauge for; Undercut Depth; Weld Crown Height; a Porosity Comparitor; with Metric and Imperial Rules.  The Tri-Gauge® is fitted with a Patented Pointer Offset Correction for improved accuracy and repeatability. 


Lever Pit Gauges are intended to Evaluate Corrosion, and not as an absolute measuring tool.  The Tri-Gauge® is supplied with a Pocket Protector type Case and Instructions.


As Western’s Pit Gauge Product Series gains popularity, we are able to address various industry needs.  When Pipeline Inspectors see all of the different models of Pit Gauges we offer, and the boss won’t shell out the money for one of our Bridge Type units, they figure out what they can get by with.  Due to customer requests, we now offer the Pipeline Inspectors Kit.


Pipeline Welding Supervisors and Consultants, are regularly ordering three different instruments from us; a Reaching Pit Gauge, our W-FI-10 Magnetic Field Indicators and our pocket pit gauge blade.  These three items make up the Weld Inspectors Kit.


The Bridging Pit Gauge's components can be assembled in different configurations, such as Spanning or Cantilevering. In the Cantilevering configuration, operators can deal with Welds (Circular, Long Seam or Spiral) or next to Reinforcing Pads or Risers.


The Bridge can be assembled to follow the contour of a slightly irregular surface (or rigidly if needed). Extra Tees and Connector Blades can be added, to extend the length of the Bridge.


 Like all of the Pit Gauges, all three models of our Dial Indicators can be fitted to a Bridging Pit Gauge.


The Tank Floor Reaching Pit Gauge is 152mm (6") Long and 19mm (3/4") Wide, with End and Center Dial Indicator Mounts. 


The End Receptacle is fitted with a long 37mm (1.5") Nose Cutout.


The Contact Surface of the blade is flat and fitted with 3 Powerful Magnets.


The Extension Tube is 91cm (36") long, and can be added to, by purchasing our other models of Extension Tube, resulting in an extension to virtually any length. 

  • The Tri-Weld Gauge provides easy to read measurements of the following welding and fit- up parameters: 

  • Internal Hi-Lo 

  • Gap 

  • Filet Height 

  • Leg Length 

  • Weld Height 

  • Undercut Depth 

  • Misalignment 

  • Angle of Preparation

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