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Western Plant & Pipeline Products offers signs in three materials: HDPE, Aluminum and DiBond.  We offer these signs in all shapes in sizes from 12" Round APi signs to 12'x8' River Crossing signs and everything inbetween.  All signs are custom made with a viriety of options to fit your signage needs.


Screen printed poly signs are UV stable proprietary blend of thermoplastics. Screen printed poly signs will not become brittle or fade significantly for a minimum of 10 years. Gunshots do not cause chipping or rusting, and unlike aluminum signs, poly signs have no scrap value.

Poly signs remain stable from:
-50° to +150°F


Standard thickness: .140"

Screen Printed Rhino Aluminum Signs are brightly colored, UV stable, baked enamel aluminum signs. They are designed specifically for outdoor usage and have a 15 year warranty. The signs are non-toic and environmentally safe.


Aluminum signs remain stable from:

-100° to +250°F


Standard Thickness: .063"

Dibond® is comprised of two thin sheets of aluminum, thermo-bonded to a polyethylene core. The result is a material that is more rigid than solid aluminum while weighing almost 50% less.


The reduced weight and increased rigidness makes this material perfect for larger facility signs or river crossing signs. The signs require less bracing and fasteners, saving both time and money on installation.


The Rhino TriView™ Sign solves utility marking problems when you cannot bury a post, but need a highly visible marker that is three dimensionsal with clear warning messages on each side.


The Triview™ Sign can be affixed to a fence, tree, building, or an existing wood post in the vicinity of your utility or pedestal.


The Rhino Aerial PathMarker is comprised of a post, frame and panels. The Rhino Aerial PathMarker is designed to provide maximum visibility, durability and low maintenance requirements.

Posts may be wood, round pipe, or u-channel.

Using the TriView sleeve over a u-channel allows the use of decals and additional warning messages or pipeline identification information.


Rhino's work site safety signs are specifically designed for outdoor use.


These signs are a reusable alternative to disposable signs. Easy to install - simply slide the sign into the frame.


Rhino Wrap-A-Round Signs are made of .055 Rhino Poly™. Rhino Poly remains stable in the harshest of environments. The sun won’t fade the bright colors because we use custom blended UV-stabilized polyethylene and special UV-resistant inks.

Making your rigid wood or metal posts visible from 360° will help prevent ATV’s, snowmobiles, and farm equipment from accidentally impacting your markers, reducing your liability.


The Rhino Aerial Cable Marker™ provides easy identification of your cables during maintenance or emergencies. The easy wraparound design eliminates the need for special tools and adhesives.


The marker size is 1 3/4" x 8". The cable marker fits cables up to 1" in diameter.

Flag size: 1 3/4" x 8"

Decal size: 1 1/2" x 7 3/4".


Before lamination, Rhino Dibond® signs are painted with a UV stable, nylon based paint and printed using UV stable inks for an extra long life.

Dibond® signs are composed of the flattest material on the market today. While solid aluminum signs tend to warp over time, Dibond® signs are exceptionally flat and will not bow when exposed to the elements.


The Rhino Snap Sign can be used to identify 1/2" to 4" diameter utility cables and pipes.

Snap Signs open up to snap around the cable or pipe; when you release the Snap Sign, it curls up tightly around the cable/pipe.


These stickers come in standard API colors and are fully customizable depending on your product.

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