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From Pre-ILI Go NoGo and new construction baseline inspections, to complete deformation inspection with mapping, EnviroCal has you covered for all your pipeline geometry inspection needs. Their system is easily deployed and doesn’t require the use of a technician.  This allows us to help save you time and money on your next job.  Give us a call, or email, and we can answer any questions you may have or get you an estimate worked up to compare to our competition.


- Economical
     - Can be used without a technician.
     - Zero Mobilization Fees
- High Reliability
- 35% Collapsibility
     - 1.5D Back to Back bends


Whether your wanting to perform a Pre-ILI Go NoGo inspection or you’re wanting a competent inventory on a pipeline you’ve no data on or performing a base line survey, RS-Caliper is the solution.


- Direct Wall Contact Geometry Sensors
- Built on Robust RS-Caliper platform
- IMU Mapping capable
- Optional Field Technician


RS-Deformation inspection tools combine the effectiveness of conventional deformation tools with the unique and robust RS-Caliper system. On-The-Wall geometry measurement in ultra long pipeline transporting low-viscosity products such as NGL and Gasoline. An optional pipe-line mapping is also available with RS-Deformation.

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