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The RhinoDome Post is a 3 1/2" OD (outside diameter) thermoplastic utility marker post with a high-visibility domed topper. The Dome post has an option for a test station, vent and a vent/test as a top.


Rhino Dome markers are fully customizable with a number of color options and includes a one color graphic on two sides.


The RhinoDome  has a 3.5” outside diameter and includes a one-color graphic on 2 sides. 


It has a terminal enclosure for cathodic protection, telecommunications bonding & grounding, and other utility line applications. Each unit comes standard with 5 terminals.


Special vents allow for air flow, and the cap protects against precipitation.

Using a Vent top increases the visibility of the vent pipe, making it less likely to be hit by off-road vehicles and equipment.


The RhinoDome Wrap is an easy and cost efficient alternative to replacing old or worn out dome posts.

Instead of taking the time to pull old posts out of the ground and re-install new ones, simply use the RhinoDome Wrap to provide a more legible and clear warning message in a fraction of the time.

The RhinoDome Wrap is UV stable and extremely durable. It will not significantly fade for at least 10 years. It is customizable - choose your color and your message. You may also specify the length.

Installation only takes a minute:

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