Detecting the precise location of underground utilities is critical in protecting valuable infrastructure assets and in savings lives. Copperhead’s tracer wire and Complete Utility Locating System™ provides the strongest, most reliable, end-to-end signal for utility locating to safeguard what matters most. Protect your investment. Protect your infrastructure. Specify Copperhead.


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Protect Underground Utility Assets with Copperhead’s Complete Utility Locating System™

Unmatched by other copper-clad steel manufacturers, Copperhead High Strength Tracer Wire combines the strength of fully annealed high-carbon steel with the conductivity and corrosion resistance of solid copper.


The result is an industry exclusive in strength and reliability. Copperhead High Strength Tracer Wire is an engineering breakthrough for the underground construction industry and a perfect all-around tracer wire for open cut applications.


OPEN CUT: Trenching or plowing, commonly called open cut, is a common way to connect utilities. Open cut can only be used when the ground above the utilities can be disturbed, and there are no buildings, roadways or other obstructions in the way. Copperhead® High Strength Reinforced Tracer Wire is most commonly specified for this application.


SOLO SHOT: Directional drilling is ideal for bores that need to go under roads, sidewalks, buildings, or existing land that cannot be disturbed. This allows utilities to be connected from one side of the obstruction to the other without disturbing or destroying what lies above. SoloShot Extra-High Strength Tracer Wire is the only tracer wire you’ll need for horizontal directional drilling applications.


SOLO SHOT XTREME: Pipe bursting is a trenchless method of replacing buried pipelines or to expand a pipeline’s carrying capacity by replacing smaller pipes with larger ones. By utilizing this method, these jobs can be completed without the need for a traditional construction trench. Launching and receiving pits replace the trench needed by conventional pipe-laying. SoloShot Xtreme Tracer Wire is the only choice of tracer wire for this application.


A tracer wire system is only as good as its weakest connection. Waterproof, corrosion-proof connectors protect vulnerable wire splices and keep the locate signal flowing across connections. All Copperhead connectors are designed for direct bury.


SNAKEBITE: SnakeBite’s exclusive 90-degree twist-lock design means you simply insert the wires, twist 90 degrees, and the connector is locked, and the wires are connected. It’s that simple. You don’t even have to strip the wires. Using SnakeBite connectors reduces installation time and lowers your overall labor costs.


MAINLINE TO SERVICE: The Mainline-to-Service Connector eliminates the need to cut the main line, installs in less than a minute, and is perfect for connecting services to the main line. The outer lid locks down in three places keeping your connection free from contaminants. The Twist-on connectors, with or without strain relief, are great for splicing lines. All connectors are pre-filled with dielectric silicone sealant that never hardens, making them waterproof and corrosion proof.

PIPE BURSTING: Splicing and running service lines off of tracer wire suitable for pipe bursting requires a connector that can handle a variety of wire size combinations. The In-line Splice and Three-way  connectors work well with Copperhead’s SoloShot™ Xtreme and 3/16 stainless steel cable. The In-line Splice Connector is a brass screw-tight lug that works great for splicing lines. 


 It’s comes with a fast curing heat shrink creating a weather resistant wire connection. The Three-way Connector is a tin plated copper alloy made from 3/8″ x 1/2″ material with 1/4-20 slotted stainless steel set screws. The Three-way Connector comes with pre-filled dielectric gel to help prevent corrosion.


The SnakePit® Access Point is a protective, at-grade tracer wire termination and grounding station. It provides a direct connection point for a utility locate transmitter to hook to a tracer wire system.


The SnakePit® Access Point is a protective, at-grade tracer wire termination and grounding station. It provides a direct connection point for a utility locate transmitter to hook to a tracer wire system.


The new Two-terminal Switchable Lid also provides an external ground switch that allows locators to turn ground off/on from the top of the lid to isolate sections of tracer wire more accurately and efficiently — no more need to remove the lid and disconnect/reconnect wires or to reposition the locate transmitter. That makes locating your underground utilities a lot easier. (Single-terminal cast iron lid also available.)




Locating an underground utility using tracer wire is accomplished by placing a low voltage charge on a target line. When the tracer wire system is grounded properly, the charge is pulled down the line, and a complete electrical circuit is created. Copperhead® Ground Rods are essential for a strong signal and accurate locate.


ViperMag™:  The ViperMag Pipe and Cable Locator is the only locator in its class that combines active locating frequencies with a ferrous metal detector in one device. This streamlines the locating process by eliminating the need for an operator to carry two devices in the field. ViperMag is the perfect tool for municipalities and utility locators.


ViperMag™ is very simple to use. Equipped with a 1-watt transmitter and useful frequencies to locate underground utilities, the transmitter can be used in a direct connect application or inductive if a direct access point isn’t available.

 ViperMag’s ferrous metal detector is a highly sensitive and discriminating instrument designed to locate magnetic and ferrous materials while rejecting non-magnetic material such as aluminum cans.


In direct connect applications, the available frequencies are 512 Hz, 8.19 kHz, 83 kHz. A passive power 60 Hz frequency is available for detecting the presence of active power cables, and push-button depth will tell you the approximate depth of the utility.